Established in the late ’90s forming part of DSG, was founded as a technology partner for retailers who wanted to create a new channel to market through e-commerce. enables local, small to medium brands as well as larger more established entities to create their online e-Commerce presence without the complexity and overheads associated with building their own platform from the ground up.


Having invested a great deal of capital, expertise, and the assurance of a superior customer experience, can launch your very own eCommerce storefront within a few days from its inception. And while the market is in good supply of intelligent, white-label packages that allow ease of customization, as well as copy-paste payment gateways, many of these solutions, lack the expertise and pursuit for an unforgettable CX (Customer Experience).


Driven to replicate and improve the live store shopping experience, currently supports a growing number of locally run entities, adapting their unique sales objectives in a totally customizable approach that targets the right customer at the right time, with the right products, services, and solutions.

From Grocery Store goods to retail products as well as health and Wellness, with a legacy of 24 years in the eCommerce space, now extends its e-tailing experience beyond the sale of traditional e-commerce goods, enabling service providers that focus on customer experience and digital services.


Over and above the sale of bagged groceries and goods, retail products, electronics, and hardware, extends the online shopping experience to the procurement of Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Cloud-based Services, Storage, Multi-Platform Support Services and other Customer Experience Technologies and Expertise.

"Brilliant design and best-in-class development offer customers

the ability to pick up a device and do things,

without having to think"