Unlock More ROI For Your Brand Using AI-Powered Personalisation. Are you offering a personalised customer experience across multiple digital channels?


According to the latest SA Digital Customer Experience Report, a staggering 96% of respondents said they would spend more online if the customer experience was better.


Join our webinar for insight into how your organisation can effectively use digital touchpoints and create a personalised website or mobile application experiences that result in maximum conversions.

Key Highlights For Attending The Webinar:


    • An overview of building personalisation journeys online.


    • Understand the importance of giving a personalised experience across


    • Learn how to use digital touchpoints and create personalised websites or mobile application experiences


    • Know how businesses can unlock more ROI using AI-powered personalisation

Date: 09 Jun 2022

Time: 15:00-16:00

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Your Host, Yaron Assabi

Founder & CEO of Digital Solutions Group Founder Digital Resilience Founder MVNE Founder BroadBrand Founder Experience iT
Founder DigitalMall
Chairman Emeritus of the Mobile Marketing Association of SA
Executive Director Digital Asset Management Network Non-Executive Director on the IAB board.

Meet Our Speakers:

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for ICT & founded what is known today as the Digital Solutions Group in 1998.

Devoted to building successful brands by delivering great integrated customer experiences; I have served as the ICT strategist for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and formulated the strategy for the 46664 global communities.

In 2005, I served as the technology director of Contact in Gauteng NPO focused on promoting the BPO(Business process outsourcing) &O; industry in the region.

I also designed the ebusiness strategy for Telesure in 2006 which resulted in the Hippo concept, the insurance
aggregator which became very popular in South Africa, and later launched in the UK known as " Comparethemarket ".

Nisham is the African Regional Vice President, with more than 15 years of experience in Management and Sales. He is an experienced and innovative sales and service consultant with sophisticated sales, customer service, and business administration skills.


Nisham has a strong focus and judgment that allows him to motivate and communicate his efforts to achieve exceptional business results.

Nisham Chhabra

African Regional Vice President – Netcore