Yaron Assabi
The Founder & CEO

"In the future, the most powerful brands will be customer-centric. Successful companies will know their customers and become their advocates!"

Ferdi Gazendam

"I have always had a love for technology and am now able to give full attention to working with exciting projects on the internet, e-commerce, and social media space."

Brandon Meszaros
CEO of CXG and Digital Resilience

"The ability to architect a customer journey, marry it to the appropriate technology, and automate intelligent human-orientated business processes by leveraging customer data - all whilst considering cost efficiency is the most effective approach to CX”


Taddy Blecher
CSI Executive

"The only way we can really end poverty in South Africa is by developing the most under-developed resource in this country - human assets. Every student is a genius waiting to happen”


John Natorp
Group CFO

"Our financial and strategic decision-making is driven by optimizing capital allocation, whether we are investing IP, our people, business processes, or in producing innovative solutions to our client's pain points. In doing so, we create value for all our stakeholders"


Shantal Naidoo
Group HR Manager

"Invest in the right people for your business from the start. Bringing the right people on board will save on cost, reduce turnover and result in more streamlined and efficient operations”


Hugo Mokken
Group CTIO

"The combination of integrity and technical insight provides you with a drive to continually optimise and innovate. You must love "Technology" to have fun with “Technology".

Jason Harmsen

"A solid, performance-orientated partnership between an enabler and an MVNO is a critical success factor in achieving the outcomes envisioned with a branded mobile service”