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The Founder & CEO


Yaron Assabi

Founder & CEO


“In the future, the most powerful brands will be customer-centric. Successful companies will know their customers and will become their advocates!”


The DSG Team

Ferdi Gazendam


“I have always had a love for technology and now able to give full attention to working with exciting projects in the internet, e-commerce and social media space.”



Brandon Meszaros


“The ability to architect a customer journey, marry it to the appropriate technology and automating intelligent human-orientated business processes by leveraging customer data – all whilst considering cost efficiency is a far more effective approach to CX.”

Taddy Blecher

CSI Executive

“The only way we can really end poverty in South Africa is by developing the most under-developed resource in this country –human assets. Every student is a genius waiting to happen.”

Moihlobudi (Mo) Moabelo

General Manager (DCX)

“Our services and tools enable our clients to translate an infinite amount of unstructured data into digestible, intuitive, actionable and easy to navigate information. We provide state of the art technology tools and expertise to make sense out of chaos; i.e., inject content into context. We dedicate a huge amount of time learning as much as we can about our clients . This gives us the ability to think like them; and we use that information to add value to their operations.”


Shantal Naidoo

Group HR Manager

“The smartest business decision you can make is to hire the right fit of people according to customers’ needs. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently. At DSG, we strive at hiring quality staff who excel in our corporate culture and surmounting to our customers expectations.”

Lisa Basson

Digital Manager

“Customer experience encompasses touch points at various stages in the customer journey. Customer experiences today are in essence driven by technology and innovation coupled with an innate understanding of customer need sets. Hence it is now the perfect time to optimise these touch points with technologies that stand out and take the customer experience to the next level.”


Hilda Dreyer

Account Executive

“Customer service is no longer an isolated section of our business model but part of a larger, customer engagement strategy. In order to build loyal relationships that extend and last, we understand the need to view customer engagement as a full spectrum of experiences and an ongoing dialogue. We strive towards fostering and maintaining client relationships that are based on respect and ultimately help to build our customer’s brands.”

John Natorp

Group CFO

“Our financial and strategic decision-making is driven by optimising capital allocation, whether we are investing in IP, our people, business processes or in producing innovative solutions to our clients' problems. In doing so we create value for all our stakeholders.”



The MVNE Team

Craig Palmer


“Customer Experience in the telecommunications sector has long been considered as critical to the acquisition and retention of a loyal customer base. For an MVNO, a comprehensively differentiated customer experience is a non-negotiable. Our operating model has been designed to completely remove the technical and operational burden on consumer brands wishing to enter this space.”

Jason Harmsen


“A solid, performance orientated partnership between an enabler and an MVNO is a critical success factor in achieving the outcomes envisioned with a branded mobile service. True to MVNE’s DSG heritage, we focus on providing our MVNO clients an experience that strengthens the trust relationship between MVNE and the MVNO through carefully designed interactions and moments of truth.”


To find out more about our MVNE team please visit: www.MVNE.co.za