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10 Rules of Social media Engagement

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BLOG (19)When launching a social media presence, terms of social media engagement that speaks to your brand identity and tone should be defined and briefed throughout the organisation before engaging.

In order to take advantage of social influence, traditional marketers need to be prepared to follow a more indirect approach to eliciting their influence on the bottom line. Only with an intimate knowledge of your brand, products and services is it possible to emit marketing influence subtle enough not to be noticed by social communities.

Messaging needs to becomes more personal in nature, direct from the source and better still, customer service conflicts resolved by those closest to the product and service.

While the real business world doesn’t always allow for such a direct line of contact to follow are 10 Rules of Social Media Engagement that can be learned and applied by social media subordinates specifically equipped to manage your social communities.


1.       Be Authentic – the most credible form of social communication is delivered in a non-contrived manner, spontaneous, natural and unscripted.

2.       Have a Heart –With the spirit of human presence, communicate with an open ended conversational tone, always in the 1st person.

3.       Key Transparency –Be honest, genuine and accurate. If you don’t know the answers, say so and find out.

4.       Find out what it means to me – R E S P E C T Consider your audiences values, principles, customs and conventions and never push these boundaries.

5.       With a desire to inspire – Engage with meaning. Take all conversations seriously, show compassion and fellow feeling.

6.       Get Personal - Focus on the person that you are communicating with, not the community, segment or market. Personalise the engagement.

7.       Don’t be a Jargon-aught – Steerclear of stiff corporate talk and the use of waffle and complex language.

8.       Assume nothing and judge not.

9.       Don’t get Confrontational – remain helpful, interested and submissive during a confliction.

10.   An apology a day keeps negative sentiment at bay – When you are wrong, apologise, mean it and make it right.