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3 Ways To Strengthen a Brand's Online Presence

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BLOG (18)1. Searchable and Accessible

Through active online presence management improve your organisation’s virtual accessibility by applying 3 simple systems to your brands search-ability, sociality and the attention paid to market perception.

One of the most fundamental mechanisms to build your brand’s online presence is to be present online. Not only should every business have representation online, but your website should be easy to search and quick to be found. By publishing a website supported by optimised and searchable content (SEO) will encourage organic search result delivery. 


Effective Websites should;

  • Be delivered within the first 3 to 5 search engine results.
  • Deliver clear and easy to navigate online information.
  • Transparent and jargon free content.
  • Quick delivery of content that fulfils the immediate informational need.
  • Link to other credible sites / topic expertise as a value added source of information.

 2. Sociability is key

Digital customers orbit within communities of like-minded individuals and seek brand credibility through peer to peer referrals. Brands that are active and participate within associated communities have a greater propensity to be known and respected for their openness to engage with their customers.

  • Social media optimization, when done well, benefits from the theory of 3 degrees of influence - the social influence applied across networked communities.
  • SMO builds digital rapport with online communities.
  • Transparent and candid conversations develop credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Social community management builds brand awareness, brand association and affiliation.
  • Social CRM is an extension of CX strategies allowing for a greater range of resolution and customer service.

3. Look and Listen

ORM or online reputational management is the most power means to measure how virtual audiences feel about and perceive your brand. Consider the internet as a global soundboard that has awarded voice of the customer feedback digital resonance across networked communities. Through the utilisation of a user friendly ORM tracking tool, organisations have front row seats to hear and listen to what people are sharing about the brand and its products or services.

  • The ability to weight online sentiment..
  • Trace the performance of viral and digital campaigns.
  • Predict possible reputational or PR risks.
  • Customer insight into the CX lifecycle.
  • Product or service insight (Research and Development).
  • Identify brand advocates and detractors.