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4 Fast Facts for Effective Web PR

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FACEBOOK (2)Web PR supports the accessibility of digital content by both human and robot content consumers. Instinctually driven by altruism, digital consumers seek to associate with credible subject matter that they can share and use to leverage their connections with likeminded individuals. Congregating on platforms that accept idiosyncratic self-expression, the social nature of the internet has given rise to a digital-supernova-nation. Web PR is a critical function that creates awareness and drives traffic to online content.




Fact 1: Listen, hear, watch and see.

Online reputation management (ORM) is a fundamental function of web PR. If you aren’t listening to and hearing what people are saying about your brand how will you know how to respond. ORM reveals consumer brand consciousness and how online communities feel about your brand and products. With such knowledge, brands are equipped with insights needed to produce relevant content that adds value, addresses informational needs, in the language and on preferred mediums that content consumers crave.


Fact 2: Consistent delivery of Content.

Although exhausted, the term that content is king still holds relevancy years after the phase was coined. Effective Web PR is supported by a consistent delivery of applicable content mapped out by a sustainable communications strategy. “Hell hath no fury than a digital audience scorned” where once the expectation for content has been created the delivery of such content must be followed through with.


Fact 3: Search Engine Optimisation

Parallel to building a dependable content plan, digital subject matter should be delivered in the most consumer friendly manner possible. Keeping in mind that digital content is consumed by human and robot readers, search engine optimisation supports the delivery of optimised content to both audiences. SEO copywriting produces organic search result ranking making your content more easily found, while supporting the way in which digital content consumers feed off online content.


Fact 4: Social Media Optimisation

As social technology advances, compelling content is now best developed through the collaboration and bi-directional conversations occurring with online communities. By opening your brand up to 2-way conversations on social networks supported by your customers, results in a real time PR promotion and access to customer experience feedback at various stages of the CX lifecycle.