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4 Steps To a Social Media Strategy

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BLOG (12)Although they may appear to be complex, the most effective social media strategies are designed around 4 simple themes, namely;

• Objectives

• Current Environment

• Opportunities & Recommendations

• Future View

Based on these strategic themes, certain strategic activities can be put into motion that will result in a well thought through Social Media strategy that delivers business results while meeting audience expectations.


Step 1:  Define Objectives

When applying focus to the strategy’s objectives, activities that align your business intent to your social media goals will best steer focussed objectives that to delivery realistic achievements.


-          Review you overall CX objectives and brand promise

-          What is the purpose of your social media presence?

-          How will your social media objective service your customers beyond the current customer experience lifecycle


Step 2: Current View Review

The review of the current landscape can be translated into the review of competitor activity, alongside your own social media and communications. By analysing the current view of social media marketing activities will produce a comparative evaluation of what both you and your competitions are currently doing.  Highlighting best practice and shortfalls a social media competitor analysis produces a topographical overview detailing;


-          Social media touchpoints and channel participation

-          Community size and following

-          Audience profiling

-          Media and content type

-          Frequency of content distribution

-          Nature of engagement


Step 3 Highlight Opportunities & Recommendations

Opportunities will be revealed as an organic by-product following Step 1 and Step 2. Once social media objectives have been defined and a competitor analysis examined, recommendations can be made, taking advantage of the unique opportunities that exist to your brand. Starting with your “Wildest dreams” and working backwards from these, include;

-          Content plans

-          Campaign prospects

-          Media wish-lists


Step 4 Future view

Taking into account your social media objectives, best and worse practice and the feasibility of objectives and recommendations, plot a chart of where you perceive your organisations social media journey to progress to.

Focus on;

-          Short term, 6 months to 1 year view

-          Medium term, 1 to 3 year aspirations

-          Long term, 3 to 5 year vision