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4 Tips To Preparing Credible Social Content

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BLOG (13)The key to delivering credible social content knows what message to share with the relevant audience at the exact moment that adds the most value. Follow 4 simple steps to producing compelling content that supports your social media strategy and builds topic expertise through the delivery of relevant online subject matter;


Tip 1: Engage with Purpose

Shaped by your social media strategy, the purpose with which your organisation is pursuing by building a social media presence will create the foundation for your content strategy. Regardless of if your intent is to build awareness, educate, convert or service, building a sustainable content plan that communicates with credibility is reliant on defined objectives and your purpose to communicate. Review how your social media participation seeks to service your customers current CX and how your content will positively contribute to this experience. 


Tip 2: Set the Tone and Terms of Engagement

Consistency, a sense of community and the familiarity that customers associate to your brand should be reflected in the tone and terms of your organisations social media engagement. Social media content and engagement should subliminally communicate a brands promise and carry the aura that customers associate with a brand in every message that is dispatched throughout  social networks


Tip 3: Target Audience and Channel Audit

Social media audiences vary across different social touchpoints based on the phase in the CX lifecycle they are engaged with. Each has their own set of brand and customer experience expectations that can be audited so as to best meet their communication needs. Review each social media touchpoint and specify audience participation and expectation’s to deliver compelling content.


Tip 4: Communicate, Collaborate, Educate and Entertain

The most credible content that produces sustainable deliverables encompasses 4 cornerstones of digital content;

-          To communicate with a purpose.

-          Collaborate with engaged communities.

-          Educate and build brand awareness as a topic expert.

Entertain, add value and fulfil the digital desire to be unexpectedly delighted.