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5 Social Media Facts to Face

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FACEBOOK (2)Reinforce by the digital revolution, corporates should be conscious of 5 truths about social media and face these facts in order to embrace the new age of digital channel interconnectivity. Social media has activated an evolution of the way in which people interact, make decisions and collate information online. As a result of this digital progress, a radical change needs to be applied to basic business behaviour encouraging organisations to engage with relevance, at the right time on preferred target audience channels. 



Truth #1: Social Media is an enabler of conversations.

Through community and social influence, social networking empowers active conversations that are extremely public and with the propensity to become viral.

  • Corporates should not fear the transparency that social media elicits but rather interpret each conversation as an opportunity to leverage off the reach of engaged audiences by participating in every conversation had.


Truth # 2:  Social conversations cannot be controlled.

Although  in the past, the organisations was in control of market perception, peer to peer engagement cuts out subjective marketing and communicates fact-based customer experience feedback.

  • While digital conversations can’t be controlled, they can be influenced based on how the organisation responds to voice of the customer feedback. By telling the truth, apologising when you’re wrong and commit to improving CX based on customer feedback build credibility, commands the respect f audiences even when their feedback is negative.


Truth # 3: Influence forms a foundation for digital relationships

3 degrees of influence is a theory proposed by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler whereby it is said that social influence may reach 3 degrees outside of an individual’s originating social network.

  • By choosing not to engage does not leave 1 customer unheard and unacknowledged but in fact 3 degrees beyond their network. Shying away from uncomfortable conversations can do 3 times more damage to a brand, that admitting to a mistake and curing all ills.


Truth # 4: FOMO is a fundamental .

Digitally engaged individuals have an intrinsic fear of missing out and will commit more time to “catching up” one their networks than they will pay attention to television commercials and radio ad’s.

  • Corporates should match their audience’s FOMO with the same degree of FOMO. Brands should aim to be everywhere that their customers are, during each phase on the CX lifecycle, listening to, acknowledging and acting on all customer feedback.


Truth # 5: Social Communities are in charge.. 

Peer to peer sharing of consumer generated content and the power that digital consumers now have has created the need for a brand to move beyond the limitations of traditional marketing, communications, sales and customer service.

  • By blurring the lines between sales, customer service, communications, and one-way marketing tactics, techies, product specialists and brand ambassadors improve customer service, product development, sales and brand awareness simply by engaging with identified communities.