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5 Tips to Motivate Employees in the New Year

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BLOG (27)While the New Year is synonymous with renewed energy and focus, employees often return to work with a lingering holiday hangover, lacking motivation and enthusiasm for the start of the New Year. As a business owner, time is money and the 2 weeks that it can sometimes take for employees to “get back into the swing of things” can be a costly waste of valuable time. Avoid New Year lag and inject your company culture with enthusiasm and forward motion needed to get the cogs turning and competitive advantage churning.


1. Call a Kumbaya

Comparable to building emotional connections with clients, employees respond just as favourably to attention paid to personal and professional objectives and aspirations. Have each employee prepare and share 1 personal and 1 professional goal during a compulsory team meeting. Have each individual highlight what they are in pursuit of personally as well as in their career, related to or unrelated to the organisation.  In doing so, team cohesion and group acknowledgment of each other’s goals is accomplished along with team comradery.


2. Performance Management

Many organisations shelve KPI (Key Performance Indicators) conversations for later in the year. Through hosting these discussions sooner rather than later, when employees return to their role, performance expectations are transparently communicated while personal and organisational objectives are crystallised.  The sooner employees are clear on what they are required to achieve until their 1st KPI check-up (quarterly or bi-annually), function and performance is fixed and more accurately achieved.


3. Listen and Pay Attention

Effective leaders are connected to and in sync with their team of subordinates.  While may organisations boast to have an open door policy, in many instances, employees are not actively encouraged or feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas and feedback with line managers or leaders. Without formalising an “open door policy” the best leaders instil a culture of open communication and reciprocation. Equally important to encouraging comfortable channels of communication, is paying attention to operations and internal team engagement.  Line managers should share the floor with their subordinates, entrenched in day to day operation, where they are able to see and listen to internal engagement.


4. Share the Decision Making Process

A wealth if information and CX experience is housed within the team of operational employees, those individuals on the ground with first line exposure to client experience. Include selected individuals (ideally on a rotational basis) to think-tank sessions and idea pitches. The opinions of on the ground employees will bring these individuals closer to the business, build accountability as well as offer management teams alternative perspectives, sometimes more closely aligned to what your customers actually want.


5. Money Talks

Ask any employee (yourself included) what’s the surest way to incentivise top performance and their answer will always be money. Team building events and weekend conferences are nice but not nearly as effective to get your employees into gear for the new year. Start the year (if the means are available) with clearly defined objectives, underpinned by an incentive programme that means something to your employees.