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7 Steps to Effective Customer Experience (CX)

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By following 7 simple steps to effective Customer Experience (CX), pave the way to a successful customer journey and map a CX strategy that enables your brand to engage, acquire and retain converted clientele. When applying focus to key areas of the customer lifecycle, brands are able to create a foundation on which a long term customer relationship can be built and advanced on.







  1. Customer Profiling
    The first step in an effective CX journey is to spend an adequate amount of time outlining your target market, identifying their personas, documenting their needs / challenges and observing their objectives & expectations.
  2. CX Lifecycle
    With an acute understanding of the stages in a customer experience journey, brands are able to harness the influence that progressive CX has on how a customer experiences a brand, interacts with products and relates to services.
  3. The Function of each Channel
    Refine the function of each channel through which your customer may engage with you during each phase of the customer journey. With a clear definition of each channel and its objective, the role they play at each juncture of the customer experience lifecycle can predetermine communication, sales and service goals.
  4. Touchpoints
    By preparing a strategy for each customer engagement touchpoint, through which clients interact, brands are able to progress the effectiveness in which they communicate with their customers and influence the stages in the customer journey.
  5. Interaction Types
    By preparing for each type of customer interaction brands are able to forecast predictable responses to frequently asked questions that occur throughout the customer lifecycle and offer a more relatable CX?
  6. Customer Journeys
    Customer journey Mapping exposes how the customer experiences your brand by means of the various channel options during each stage during the customer journey, through each customer touchpoint.
  7. Customer Survey
    Methods of listening to customer feedback following a customer journey by means of surveys, testimonials and client comments, highlights efficiencies, redundancies and future opportunities.