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A Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Overview

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DSG-BlogDigital Customer Experience (DCX) is how your customer encounters your brand, interacts with your products and experiences your services. It is the cumulative experience that your client is exposed to throughout the duration of the customer journey, from interest, attraction and discovery, through advocacy, conversion and maturity.  By harnessing the influence that each customer touchpoint elicits from your client and keeps them engaged throughout the customer lifecycle, could be the distinction that your brand needs in a competitive digital market.

Impressionable DCX can be achieved by replicating an “in the flesh” customer experience in a virtual environment. An effective DCX strategy places emphasis on an easy to access, user-friendly, personalised brand experience that carries the client through a consistent, straightforward process to procurement. 

Digital touchpoints that support your company’s DCX, should offer your clients the opportunity to connect with your brand through a variety of preferred digital channels. By broadening the scope of interactive touchpoints, this improves the accessibility to your brand, products and service offerings.  The easier it is for a client obtain supporting information that answers their questions and offers solutions to their needs, creates a foundation on which a long term customer relationship can be built and advanced on.

Each touchpoint should support an intuitive, welcoming experience that delivers responsive architecture and user-friendly navigation. Product information and service detail should be optimised for digital consumption while offering a personalised experience.

In order to elicit an impactful digital customer experience a considerable amount of effort should be applied to identifying target markets and profiling brand personas. In highlighting customer needs and understanding customer’s problems and overlaying these across each stage in the customer lifecycle will shape the proficiency in which you communicate throughout the customer journey.

The more refined the digital customer experience the more permanent the customer relationship can be which may translate into up sales, return purchases and ever powerful word of mouth referrals.