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Customer Centric Leadership

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BLOG (29)Customer experience strategies, committed to CX excellence are a consequence of a customer centric culture, instilled and sustained by an organisations leadership. The more committed leadership is in entrenching values and policy by placing the customer in the foreground of strategy, starting from the CEO, through to line managers, the more efficient customer centric implementations will be.


By now we have come to accept that customer behaviours have changed dramatically as a result of the digital empowerment that consumers are today equipped with. Instilling a culture of CX excellence, whereby company culture, business intent and key differentiators are shaped by a customer centric approach is a critical success factor. The more committed an organisations leadership is to customer centricity, the more powerful and marked the customer experience will unfold.


Starting with the CEO

CEO’s today are no longer limited to managing a traditional portfolio and are encouraged to embrace changes applied to traditional business models in order to instil a culture of customer centricity.

Successful CEO’s avail themselves to internal and external stakeholders. Edging closer to customer experience.  In order to impact positive influence on organisational culture, CEO’s are required to become functionally involved in CX operations and impart business intent and brand promise at each stage in the customer experience lifecycle. Traditionally the CEO would stay within an arm’s reach of the operational organisation, where today we observe the most successful ‘CEO’s as active participants in on the ground operations.


Line Manager Middleman

In support of the CEO’s intent to build a customer centric culture at each level of the organisation, line managers bridge the gap between upper management and operational subordinates. Equipped with interchangeable interpersonal skills, customer centric line managers are able to extract, translate and align the common frame of reference being communicated during various assemblies within the organisation into a common customer centric super-goal.


Empowering Customer Service Operations 

Customer service operations, equipped with business process flow experience as well as actual CX feedback have on the ground expertise to filter valid customer experience up the chains of command. Exposing experiences that may not otherwise be encountered, CX Operations and team leaders may produce invaluable strategies to implant a committed customer centric culture from the ground up.