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Digitally Connected Audiences

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BLOG (35)The advancement of communication technologies has brought about new audience profiles of digitally connected individuals. Each fitting into their own sphere of interconnectedness, a sign of the digital times, adaption to change and the adoption of technologies is primarily a choice of the individual.


Understanding digital audiences and the characteristics that make up audience clusters will support the customisation of messaging, delivered at the right time on the appropriate platform to leverage digital influence that each audience group commands.


Digital Frontrunners

Also considered social authorities in the social media world, with the greatest degree of digital influence, this audience group is well connected within multiple networks, by various devices, close to 24 hours a day. Digital frontrunners consume more digital content than all other audience groups and have integrated digital technologies into their day to day lives, replacing many traditional means of media and connections with those digitally oriented.


Digital Spectators

These audiences are about as well connected as the frontrunners, but are less vocal and social about the digital integration and consumption of preferred media. Digital Spectators will observe new trends and follow technological movements but will resist the urge to announce digital choices as socially or vocally as the Frontrunners do. 


Digitally Discreet

These audiences are the non-committals, only somewhat digitally connected and not socially enthusiastic. Having adopted the digital age for its function and not with fervour, the digitally discreet choose not to actively participate socially and are digitally connected only out of necessity. As a result their digital influence is as muted as their social influence.



These audiences are characterised by having a low digital influence but are extremely social and choose to actively participate in digital networking and social communities.


Through building an understanding of the individuals that make up digital landscapes and marrying audience profiles to digital communication strategies will more aptly shape messaging and reach. Understanding who you wish to speak to, how they choose to engage digitally and what they perceive as value added engagement, meaningful customer experiences are cultivated across digital spheres.