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Get in the Mind of Your Customer

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BLOG (30)By now, it’s no secret that to get in the mind of the consumer requires brands to connect with customers on an emotional level.  By relating to a customer’s experience, their unique story and appreciating consumer obstacles, brands benefit by offering an indirect means to resolving customer conflict that result in direct sales conversion.


Before the digital boom, emotional connections were made via “in the flesh” customer experiences. With the human element playing a persuasive part in CX, relationships were created through the reciprocation of inter-personal connections occurring on a face to face level.


While this continues, today customer experience and perceived value is further shaped by brand association and rapport created through digital CX. The digitalisation of consumerism has seen the rise of value added content and social relationship building as being a leading factor during the customer lifecycle. Content has become a virtual currency that communicates a brand’s value. The more effective and meaningful content is and the greater value it communicates, influences the way a customer perceives that brand and the more favourable conversion will be through virtual association and affiliation.


Get in the minds of your customer through the generation of valued added content and online relationship building ;


1. One to many approach – speak to customers in the first person, directly addressing their personal customer experience but appeal to the masses. Always keep in mind the power for group learning and the share-ability of content. The more meaningful messaging and engagement, the more likely it will be consumed and shared with other individuals with a similar experience.


2. Invest in a sophisticated CMS

 CMS or content management systems are critical for the accurate, frequent and scalable delivery of value added content published on your website. Sporting the user friendly delivery of content that supports an impressionable customer s experience, in-house or out the box CMS systems should also be SEO friendly in order to ensure content is indexed with a favourable page rank.


3. Communicate with a purpose

Content created for the sake of doing so, can be spotted by digital consumers from a mile away. Communicate with a purpose by sharing content that matters. Begin by shaping your online intent with a digital strategy. Once your digital strategy has been defined, move to a content strategy to map your messaging, aligned to business objectives while satisfying a need for customer knowledge and content consumption that leaves a mark.