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Harness the Power of Digital Customer Experience

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DSG Harness The Digital Customer ExperienceThrough the enablement of new, improved and established digital technologies, digital customer experience (DCX) continues to liberate customers and progress their eagerness to engage with and about brands.

Digital media has made it easier to engage directly with the brands they love and trust and has ultimately assisted in lessening the gap between actual customer experience and brand perception of customer experience.

Traditional voice of the customer feedback (VoC) provides a snapshot of customer experience, and with the addition of digital customer experience data acts as the selfie stick which adds depth, context, realistic and holistic CX picture.

5 Ways to Harness the Power of Digital Customer Experience

1. Add Meaning
Through greater contextualization of customised messaging, customer experience practitioners will make the most progress by aligning more closely with customer reality. To do this, successful organisations will apply more effort in building human to human (and less automated) customer relationships.

2. Open up
Not only are customers eager to share their customer experience feedback, they now wish to know how their feedback is being used to improve future CX. Offering inside sight of business operations and the hand in which customer feedback has had in influencing these operations creates a sense of accountability, collaboration and the ultimate loyalty. It adds a dimension to the customer- business relationship never attainable before the advent of social media.

3. Feel Something
The way a brand makes its customer feel, plays one of the most influential and persuasive roles in the CX decision making process. It’s no longer only about how your product or service solves a consumer problem, it’s about the emotion or feeling that customers experience when their consumer problem is resolved. The greater the emotion experienced, the more influential and sustainable the relationship.

4. Ssshhh …listen
Prompted through the adoption of social media, customers actively choose to engage about their customer experience. This engagement includes both positive and negative encounters. With the only condition being the freedom to share their experience in an organic, storytelling fashion, embracing solicited and unsolicited customer experience feedback that results in fostering positive customer relationships and brand association.

5. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Digital customer experience has seen the rise of the ever powerful ZMOT, (Zero Moment of Truth). Organisations that adopt this early phase into the customer experience lifecycle by making verified online reviews available and accessible will achieve the highest scores in transparency and in so doing, gain more trust from the consumer.

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