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Identifying Buyer Personas

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DSG-Blog (8)The process of customer profiling and the associated insights gained from reviewing the 4 elements that involve a customer profile (Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Motivational Factors), help to define a group or market of customers that engage with your brand during the various stages of the Customer Experience Lifecycle. While identifying the target market or market profile of prospecting, converted and exiting customer impacts product, sales and communication strategies, greater insights can be extracted from this data and be put to further CX use.

Assigning Buyer Personas to converted customers, supports the intent to deliver customer centric and tailored solutions to the identified persona. In pursuit of the “WOW” factor, through buyer persona profiling, brands are able to connect links in the purchase chain that will have a progressive impact on the customer’s experience during the active phase of purchase.

Characteristics that distinguish specific attributes of each of your customer personas will act as the primer for targeting sales efforts, product sets and solutions to each individual persona.  As soon as a prospecting customer has made the decision to proceed with the purchase, typically between the last stage of the pre-purchase stage and the early stages of the purchase phase, customised influence can be applied to create an environment conducive for a refined customer experience.

The most appealing feature to the buyer profiling process is that by understanding what motivates their decisions and shapes their belief systems you can aptly assign a product set tailored to their specific requirements that has been specifically identified, based on the specific persona, to pleasingly address the consumer problem. Personas examine similar feature to the customer profile process but with a marginal favour to details highlighted through demographics.


10 Questions to Ask in order to Identifying Buyer Personas

1. Age? – Age can determine at what stage of life your customers are in and how their needs may change or evolve as they age.

2. Gender?  – Male or female; each have a very specific influence on customisation.

3. Education? - Educational background can determine how customers assimilate information.

4. What do they do?  –the assessment of customers employment will result in more accurate personas, as well as highlight how familiar the client is to your product.

5. Spending profile? – How much is your customer willing to pay for your product based on quantity, quality or a balance of both?

6. Why do specific personas buy your product?

7. What other products do they buy?

8. How considered are their purchase decisions?

9. What type of people are they (hobbies, interests, goals and obstacles)?

10. What channels and channel touchpoints do they prefer to use?