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Identifying Social Audience Profiles

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BLOG (14)At the onset of preparing your social channel strategy, a fundamental starting point places emphasis on defining who your target audience profiles is. 

Social Media Audience profiles can be broken down into three collections of listeners , namely;

  • Silent Majority Network groups are individuals that sign up and connect to a social network but are not active participants in the physical act of making digital community connections and hence have the least social influence and reach compared to other digital content consumers. The Social Majority audience are typically characterised as being social observers; watching listening and consuming content that meets their digital informational needs.
  • Polar to Silent Majorities, the Vocal Minority are those individuals characterised by a considerable degree of influence.  Given the extent of their Social Profile, 3 degrees of influence is far reaching across these highly networked profiles. Extremely active downloaders and uploaders of digital content, vocal minority groups are digitally loud and outspoken.
    • Social Authority groups are characterised with the greatest degree of social influence, responsible for building and controlling social communities.  Due to their social popularity or influencer status, Social Authorities are most effective in aggregating user generated content.

Silent Majority and Vocal Minority social audience groups are characterised as information horsed and herders. Feverishly, both groups share a virtual commitment to actively downloading and uploading of digital content, consuming and sharing across broad network bases. The only difference between the 2 being that the Silent Majority groups are less likely to overtly market / network their digital consumptions, whereas Vocal Minority teams will not have any social activity go unnoticed.

Social Authority groups dominate niche communities with their extraordinary influence. They can be influential advocate’s ae dangerous detractors eliciting by far the most command of 3 degrees of influence. Insistent of a one to one relationship and will lobby social networks and communities to invoke attention and service.

Through identifying key characteristics of the individuals that make up your social community is critical to delivering a compelling communications strategy that builds your social community through customised, value added content.