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Micro Moments In CX

Posted By: Yaron Assabi


Blog (7)In a competitive market , customers have a lot more choice than ever before (with access to global markets) and they have varying preferences in terms of the channels they use based on the different activities in their journey to find the right product or service.

A customer might start research via mobile or online and complete the purchase in-store or via the phone . It is up to the Brand to make it easy for customers to select their product or service and assist them in making the right decision.

In the battle to stay relevant, Brands need to keep content fresh and current to keep the interest of prospective customers.

In-store design, mobile optimization and online ease-of-use might address much of the experiential design, but it’s the smallest moments that can lead to the biggest return, or rather “micro moments” that would lead the path to purchase.

Instant gratification is imperative - If a customer cannot easily find a brand online or locate the nearest retail outlet, then the likelihood is that they will go somewhere else,  unless the product or service was highly recommeneded or is very niche in which case they may try harder.

The first step is therefore to make it as easy for them to locate the brand online and offline as possible, or to have a presence when they are searching for key words that relate to your product or service so they can easily engage with your brand.

The second most important micro moment is the theme of education as to why your product or service is ideal for them or better than alternatives. The best way to attract a customer to your brand is to priovide them with as much evidence as possible in the form of product reviews or short educational videos. A brand must ensure that any negative sentiment on social media has been dealt with accurately to avoid a broader negative impact on the buying decision. The content available online or in store must answer the all-important question of why a consumer should select your Brand? If the customer is equipped with all of the information to make their decision and sufficient supporting evidence to justify their decision,  then they will make the purchase or engage with the service.

When the decision is made the next micro moment in the customer journey is payment . The more payment options available, the more likely a customer is to buy . A loyalty program whereby the customer could redeem points for the purchase or earn points creates a stronger motivation for them to select your brand now and creates an opprtunity for a  repeat purchase in future.

The next important micro moment is the service the follows the purchase which could be a delivery to the home if purchased online,  and/or the warranty related to the product as well as its ability to fulfill the needs advertised.  The customer experience will be effected by many micro moments that relate the quality of the product or service and therfore the customer journey does not end when the purchase is complete .

Complaints are the most valuable source of business intelligence on how to improve your product or service and are a wonderfull micro moment to regain the trust of the customer by dealing with them as they happen and achieving first contact resolution

Customer advocacy is a result of active  listening and participation in conversations with engaged customers. The ability to quickly respond to a customer when things go wrong enhances the relationship and in fact the issue resolution point is the best upsell moment in the relationship as the trust is heightened and the customer would genrally be willing to spend more with a brand that kept its promise and delivered excellent service. Customer loyalty is entirely dependent on customer satisfaction.

Micro moments are typically overlooked. The mundane interactions between customer and Brands at every stage of the customer journey are critical success factors to a successful customer experience. When customers feel special they will respond with special feedback or ideas on how to to grow the relationship and improve the product or service. Grateful customers who get what they want  from their experience will often share their good experience via a tweet or online review. These positive sentiments will encourage staff within your business to continue serving customers in the best way possible and in turn inspire other customers to do business with your Brand.