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New transunion app to help dealers

Posted By: In4Ride


Johannesburg; TransUnion Auto Information Solutions and Digital Solutions Group added a new feature to the highly successful TransUnion 1Check app – Stock Loader – to provide an easy and convenient way in which dealers can upload their stock through scanning a vehicle’s licence disk with a smartphone. Through the app, dealers are able to access current, accurate information about any car, anytime, anywhere and ensure that it is loaded into their stock as it hits the dealer’s floor.

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“For years, TransUnion has been a trusted source for dealers when making vehicle trading and risk decisions. However, given the move towards mobile and the changing business environment, we identified a need in the market for a low cost, easy to use mobile stock management tool,” says Kriben Reddy, Director of Product Development at TransUnion Auto. “As a result, together with our mobile partners – Digital Solutions Group – we developed an extension of the TransUnion 1Check application that we believe is a revolutionised vehicle stock management feature with a key value proposition for the dealer network country-wide.”


While the TransUnion 1Check app offers dealers a diverse range of solutions related to risk management, fraud prevention, valuations and business process enhancement – by utilising the  new Stock Loader feature the dealer is now able to easily upload and manage their stock, download comprehensive stock reports to identify overage vehicles, view current and projected book values and historical depreciation. In addition the dealer can link a customer to a vehicle in stock as well as link the vehicle that the customer wants to trade-in with the dealer enabling an all-inclusive electronic deal file, with all the key elements pertaining to the deal.