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New Year Business CX Resolutions

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FACEBOOK (2)Both personally and professionally we are all innately compelled to begin each New Year with well-intended New Year’s resolutions to improve and develop personal and professional experiences and performance. Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions are a promise to start or stop a specific act or function that will ultimately improve personal (or customer) experiences. New Year’s resolutions can be an outward promise to influence experience or an inward commitment to self-improvement and in-house experiences.




Not only can resolutions be applied to a personal approach to the New Year, but so too see an influence applied to an organisations approach to improving and enhancing future customer experience.


When the time comes, at the end of the year, to apply forward thought to business, operational and customer experience resolutions, energy levels are expended and time is up but this is not reason enough to neglect to prepare business New Year resolutions.


While the New Year is a terrific opportunity to tap into “New CX Beginnings”, often preparing a list of things your organization can improve on, even if it’s a modest wish list to start with, it’s an approach to the new year, better intended than no approach at all.


Obstacles to Organisational New Year Resolutions;

  • Diminished energy levels and fatigued organisational enthusiasm.
  • Times up approach to finish “unfinished business” and last minute matters.
  • Business resolutions identified but no action plan in place.
  • Organisational resolutions are prepared and an action plan poised but failure to follow through.


To overcome obstacles hindering business New Year resolutions;

  • Select a focus group of high energy individuals to complete the “New Year’s To Do” list.
  • Individuals best tasked to prepare organisational New Year’s resolutions are those closest to your customer and critical phases in the CX lifecycle.
  • Customer service agents and contact centre team leaders offer a wealth of customer insights and areas that need improvement.
  • Review the past years company data with a methodical approach keeping an eye open for reoccurring patterns highlighting both success as well as CX difficulties.
  • Initiate New Year VoC asking customers to identify arears where they would like to experience an improvement.
  • Revisit competitor analyses and industry best practice reviews.


Take advantage of the refreshed and revived energy that the New Year brings to apply improved customer experience strategies to your organisations approach to customer satisfaction and operational expertise.