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On-Demand CX In Practice

Posted By: Yaron Assabi


OCX BLOGAs its name may suggest, on-demand customer experience produces a unique, tailor made customer experience solution that  ensures organization has the right person, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time - regardless of the method of contact or channel.

 The customer experience journey design is based on the ability to make use of intuitive digital solutions to analyse and understand customer behaviour and respond effectively based on a specific service level that is attributed to the channel used. 

An on-demand CX model results in a customised, predictable customer experience that services each phase of the customer lifecycle at a scalable, cost-effective rate.

 Tailor-made CX strategies modeled around the on-demand customer experience (OCX) paradigm allows for pertinence and focus to be applied to each juncture that the customer becomes engaged. A blanketed approach to CX that does not deliver focused, customised results can be a liablity ,waste of resources , and often more damaging to the brand than valuable.

 On-demand customer experience (OCX) supports the development of focused strategies that lead to insightful interactions from which lasting customer relationships are built. The purpose of OCX is to  to react to customer interactions in time to meet their needs and exceeding expectations which will yield an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

 On-demand CX strategies must consider the application to each phase in the customer experience lifecycle to avoid being intrusive during the first phase of lead egeneration or customer research but at the same time be proactive just in time,  when a customer wants to engage so it is important to actively monitor customer behaviour and use the insight for real time contextual marketing that is relevant to the customer .

 On-demand customer experience best practice overlays consideration across the brand, all product sets associated to the brand and services that support the brand.The underlying premise of OCX is consistent relationship building and a responsive match of solutions to customer needs. In doing so, effective on-demand solutions that have been customised towards meeting the exact objectives of the client, results in greater conversion rates, customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

 By focusing on customer journeys, the CX lifecycle, target market and buyer persona identification,  a brand can define explicit OCX objectives and create a competitive advantage and unique customer value propositions that will produce the desired outcome of enhanced life time value of the customer and additional wallet share. On-demand service deployment imparts a strategic customer experience that improves service and sales effectiveness and can be an effective enabler for converting prospects into customers, customers into engaged customers who have a relationship of trust with the Brand which than evolves to customer advocacy, and word of mouth referral.