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ORM Simplified

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BLOG (37)Corporate Social Media and online reputational management is not a tool or technology it’s a real time approach to digital conversations and influencing sentiment by engaging with relevance.


Online reputation illustrates a digital market perception, both the way in which consumers perceive a brand as well as a markets objective experience with the brand and its products.  Data extracted from ORM programmes are often referred to as a virtual object database which simply describes the quantative tracking of consumer brand consciousness through the review of applicable online content.


ORM is an ongoing process of monitoring a brand online, dealing with negative, positive and natural comments or posts and where possible pro-actively protecting your brand by engaging in these conversations.


The Internet offers consumers a public soundboard on which they can say as they wish, 24/7/365 about anyone, anything or any brand they choose. As a result corporates can no longer afford to ignore online commentary, even if they do not have an active digital or social media presence. ORM awards the opportunity to react to real time commentary and act on any engagement presented regardless of the sentiment before their competitors do.


Furthermore ORM has the ability to illustrate return on social media investment by allowing for specific data extractions, reflecting targeted groups that have been exposed to specified online / social campaigns. While ORM data may not reflect exact ROI figures, when overlaid with other unstructured data extracted from the business, ORM data becomes a powerful depiction of how customers perceive and experience a brand pre and post campaign tactics, product launches, service outages or PR crises.