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Predictions for the Future of SEO

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BLOG (33)Through calculated predictions, try we must to continue riding the crest of the SEO trend wave but no one can ever be sure of what the future tendencies of Search Engine Optimisation holds.

In doing our best to keep up to date with  the ever changing variables applied to Search Engine algorithms and the direction that spiders will crawl, here are a few predictions of what we might expect to see in the future of SEO specialisation.


Credible, honest peer to peer influence

The most significant influence might be considered to impact SEO is the share-ability, credibility and reliability of site content. SEO purists continue to lobby for a return to honest and transparent content that adds value to the user experience, answers CX questions and addresses digital consumer information needs while supported by traditional SEO, search-ability and rank influence.


Omni-channel SEO

With a weighted slant on mobile, SEO content and usability should be mirrored across platforms making content accessible across devices and channels offering a seamless Omni-channel SEO and user experience, irrespective of the means to entry.


One-page topic and content  readability

Optimised content may continue to follow a one page topic, where content is easy to read, unambiguous and supported by strong keyword densities appearing in both the body copy and code of SEO web content.


Social share-ability

While the sociability of content will be influenced by the brand and market offering, social features of site content is said to continue to influence SEO. Where articles and news/ broadcast-type content receives high volumes of social attention, may strongly strengthen SEO weight, albeit possibly short lived.


The indexing of mobile apps

Through the marrying of structured data and mobile apps will see search engines continue to encourage a holistic approach to the optimisation process, producing organic search results that include indexed app results. App Indexing allows site crawlers to index app content by means of deep links where your app content is supported by corresponding web page.


While the New Year is young and many SEO experts are expected to reveal more crystallised evolution of SEO tactics and methodology, the one constant we should continue to expect is that of everlasting change to SEO landscapes.