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Preparing a Credible Case Study

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DSG-Blog (1)Many organisations have looked past the unassuming influence that a case study can offer post-delivery of a successful service or product implementation. In reality a case study can possibly be one of the most impactful means of publicising a business and showcasing how effectively a product or service can solve a consumer problem.

A valuable case study presents the story behind the result whereby one may highlight an effective result while another, the opposite. A case study may reflect a non-effective result, a typical result or even highlight a special case.

Case studies should be geared at describing what happened, who it impacted and what consequences resulted. By presenting case study results in a transparent, plain manner, creates customer confidence, builds awareness and educates prospecting clients on how your market offering can solve their consumer conflict, based on an actual and true case.

A comprehensive case study should highlight 5 focus areas. Detail the following case study centric steps and deliver a credible reflection of a transparent customer experience with results that will convince and affirm a positive and effortless purchase decision.

Step 1: The Angst - clearly classify the problem / consumers challenge, in doing so objectives and an unbiased positioning of how the product or service aims to dismantle the angst is communicated.

Step 2: The Solution – feature how the product and service speaks to having solved the customer’s problem.

Step 3: The Action – take the reader through the process of how the solution was applied and where appropriate, specifically customised to best address the problem and effortlessly take the customer through a positive customer journey.

Step 4: The Proof – nothing is more convincing and credible than quantitative results reflecting how well the product / service met the customers expectations.

Step 5: Conclusion – the closing thoughts should communicate how the specific case highlighted in the study has impacted future influence on the product’s development, business intent and plans to improve the current market offering.

A case study that imparts a lasting impression on a prospecting customer holds a significant amount of influence and should not be overlooked. The more time spent on preparing a collection of case studies that prospecting clients can refer to during the purchase decision may be the tipping point in effecting a positive transaction.