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Questions To Ask Before Engaging On Social Media

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BLOG (10)Before embarking on a social media marketing strategy, there are definite questions that need to be asked. Make certain that social marketing tactics are refined, business intent is clear and deliverables are tailored to targeted audiences. Find a series of questions to ask and have answered in order to present a relevant and sustainable social media presence.


1. Is Social Networking the right fit for my Business?

Although the act of being socially engaged has become somewhat of a fad, not every corporate or brand has the propensity to build communities as successfully other more “socially oriented” brands.  While an organisation will be ill-advised not to pay attention to online conversations and engage where the need arises, where what brand manages to excel socially others may falter.

Questions to Ask;

• How much opportunity exists socially for my organisation to leverage off and impact customer experience?

• Does Social Networking support a significant number of phases of my customer CX Lifecycle?

• Am I able to remove obstacle and pain points from my organisations existing CX operations through effective use of Social Media?


2. What is my organisation’s Social Media Intent?

Various Social media tactics produce distinctive intentions, some with the purpose to extend customer service, build brand awareness or educate associated industries or all of the above.

Questions to Ask;

• With what purpose or function do you intent to offer by means of social media engagement?

• Do you mean to develop a customer service channel?

• Do you wish to educate communities with your topic and industry expertise?

• Are you only seeking to fulfil a marketing function and drive traffic to core channels?


3. Identify Social Media Touchpoints.

Once having defined your intent to build a social media presence, your organisations social media objectives will help to refine the social media touchpoints and tactics (Blog, Microblogs, SM Networks, Multimedia Sharing) on which your goals may best be achieved.

It is also important to identify the touchpoint/s where most of your clients are participating.

Questions to Ask;

• What are the various social media tactics?

• Where do most of my customers engage?


4. Define Social Media Deliverables.

Shaped by your organisations Social Media objectives, and refined by the touchpoints on which you plan to communicate, detailed community deliverables will secure consistent and credible content planning.

Questions to Ask;

• What type of content will add the most value to my clients?

• How do my customers prefer to consume content (audio, video, graphics or articles and words)?

• How frequently do I plan on outwardly communicating?


5. Who will manage your Communities?

Do you have the necessary skills and available resources to nurture social media strategies, build communication plans, produce compelling content and manage demanding communities? Furthermore should your organisation intent to offer customer support via social media channels, technology and process planning will be required to support functional activities across organisational operations.

Questions to Ask;

• Do we plan on outsourcing our Social Media to an agency or PR consultancy?

• Do we have the necessary resource to support the function in-house?


6. How will you measure social media success?

What will be definitive of your organisations social media success? How do you plan on measuring the success of your social media presence and what benchmarks will you use to quantitate performance?

Questions to Ask;

• Is community size, growth and reach a measure that will reflect success?

• Do I have a measure in place to calculate the impact on my bottom-line?

• How important is sentiment and the measurement of ORM?