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Social Media Psyche

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Psyche Blog (1)Corporate Social Media is neither a tool nor technology it is a real time approach to communications and engagement by means of a variety of content, with the goal of connecting to a target audience and expanding the reach of the message as far as Social Profiles extend.

Social media is about taking advantage of the conversations that are happening right now, influencing their sentiment by engaging with relevance and adding value through collaborative, compelling content, communication and relationship building.

“Social” is the human ability to interact and influence others in order to survive.

“Media” describes various mediums used to engage an audience by telling a compelling story or sharing important news.

“Conversational Media” is web-based applications that make it easy for individuals to create and transmit content in the form of words, pictures, and videos and audio.

By having a social media presence, through the use of words, pictures, videos and audio, inform and inspire, influence and incite whereby each, feed the hunger for social beings to know and to share the good, the bad and the ugly side of people, “corporates” and brands, as often and as quickly as they choose.

It is critical for brands to remember that the social media community on which consumers communicate on regarding the brand in fact exists for the benefit of its member and should not be viewed as “belonging” to the business. Communities are created based on association, allegiances and a common frame of reference regarding content, objectives, products and services and customer experience.

The power that Digital Consumers now have and the way in which they behave within Social Communities has created the need for Brands to move beyond the limitations of traditional Marketing, Communications, Sales and Customer Service into a continuous stream of relationship building with the customer.

At the heart of corporate social media lies a principle that can sometimes be the most challenging facet of social media for corporates to come to terms with; the principle and unwavering commitment to Customer Experience Excellence! To outrival on social media and to have lasting effect that creates brand advocacy and association a brand should seek unequivocal excellence rather than simply participating for the sake of doing so. Social Media objective should be driven by the ethereal benefit of engaging with a purpose as opposed to the impact it may have on the bottom-line. Social media intent should be propelled by passion for CX where excuses are inexcusable and individuals representing the brand on each social media touchpoint must be invested and prepared to listen, acknowledge and participate regardless of the sentiment.

Social media brings a realisation to any business, engaged or not. The realisation acknowledges that regardless of whether a brand takes the leap and participates or remains disconnected, conversations are happening, everywhere, all the time. If a brand chooses not to engage, their competitor may do so instead, leaving the customer abandoned, disengaged and converted.