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Social Media Sqaure

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FACEBOOK (2)Understanding the fundamentals of social media and the cornerstones that build a steadfast social community, will produce consistent objectives that support business intent and strategic alignment to core communications. 

Social Marketing is neither marketing nor communications but a programme that compliments a brands overall communication objectives. To be social media square, four cornerstones of social media marketing make for a successful communications strategy.


1. Communication

In order to produce compelling, credible content organisations need to define their purpose for engaging in social networks. Without a clear plan and  definitive intent, communications with lack depth, influence and credibility, the fundamental requirements in order to build brand affiliation and association.


2. Collaboration

Given their influence, klout and the attention they command, digital audiences should be lobbied to rally with brands in order to participate in a collaborative customer experience relationship. Who better to develop, improve and foster a brand and its products but the very customers who have experienced them?


3. Education

Your topic expertise and commitment to imparting your proficiencies with your community, adds value, shows allegiance and supports the desire to share that social communities seek from brands. By sharing knowledge and building your communities intellect, supports the impact of brand association and affiliation that will prove fruitful on conversion when the customers need arises.


4. Entertainment

With television saturated with commercials, webpages scattered with banners and publications made up of advertorials more than articles of substance, consumers have mastered the art of selective listening, paying attention to only the content that captivates and entices their lust for entertainment. Entertaining content brings about a 2 fold benefit of brand affiliation and viral marketing whereby content is shared and elicits influence on the source and their network.