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Start the New Year with a Business Bang!

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BLOG (26) The new year brings with it the motivation and drive to kick start revised business practice, avoid making repeat CX mistakes and implementing best practice extracted from last year’s learnings. While the intent is there, often many business owners are unclear on where to start the new year’s journey. To follow are 5 sure ways to kick start your business in the New Year and take advantage of recharged business focus to start the New Year with Business Bang!




1. Review Staff and Human Resources
Identify individuals that have positively contributed to last year’s performance measure as well as those that failed to pull their weight. Profile characteristics and activities that differentiated top contributors from those with lower performance scores in order to highlight;

  • Employee best practice 
  • Identify individuals who require coaching 
  • Earmark individuals for succession planning and mentorship programs 
  • Address areas of poor performance 
  • Connect more closely with employees in understanding their employment experience and expectations


2. Revisit Key Performance Areas and Indicators
Alongside the evolving needs of customer and CX expectations, job functions and role descriptions also transform. At the start of the New Year, revisit areas that employees are scored on based on their performance and operation. Redundant KPI’s can dilute employee focus and cloud business objectives. Without clearly managed performance expectations, organisations are not effective in stimulating optimal performance or tapping into individual skillsets.


3. Update your Website
Be sure to begin the year by running an audit on your website content, UX and operational performance. Digital consumers are quick to abandon websites that are not user friendly, that fail to perform and whose content is not accurate or misleading. Begin the year making sure that your website and all other CX channels are in check and offer a seamless omni-channel customer experience.


4.Content Strategy and Communications Plan
By now, organisations should be well versed in the realisation that lasting customer relationships are built on emotional connection and value added communication. Brand association is built from consistent and credible communication that adds value to client experience. Spend time at the start of the year planning a communications strategy that seeks to satisfy customer interest while communication topic expertise and (very) subtly markets products and service.


5. Hospitable Hello and Welcome
Simple yet so often overlooked, welcome clients, prospects, vendors and all stakeholders to the New Year. Share your organisations hopes and aspirations for the year, your business intent and how you plan on achieving these objectives. Not only does this foster a friendly prompt for patronage, but it creates customer expectations that will keep your focus and New Year determination honest.
Once more, CX relationships are nurtured by emotional connection and positive affiliation. Start the year with a welcoming CX rapport.