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Tailor-made CX Strategies modelled on On-demand Customer Experience (OCX)

Posted By: Brandon Meszaros - CIO


Odcx -blog -image (1)Through our 17 years of experience in the Customer Experience space we are able to harness the influence that progressive CX has on how customers experience brands, interact with products and relate to services. But what happens when we drive an established CX model to a deeper level of customisation?

Welcome to the age of OCX – On-demand Customer Experience.
It was only until recently that customer experience practitioners exercised a blanket approach to affecting “broad-spectrum” solutions to client CX objectives.
While a general approach to tracing the customer journey through its lifecycle elicited a somewhat predictable outcome to achieving ordinary customer experience expectations, we have since identified ways to offer polished solutions at affordable rates.

After spending much time implementing CX best practice, through the effective management of people, processes and technology, it is possible to produce a unique customer experience coupled with intuitive digital solutions, underpinned by a customer centric hub.

By following a “DBOT” approach to the customisation of client CX solutions, this Design – Build – Operate- Transfer model results in the delivery of a tailor-made, integrated suite of Customer Experience services at predictable and cost effective monthly rate.

Tailor-made CX strategies modelled around the On-demand Customer Experience (OCX) paradigm, effect impressionable results that reflect consistent customer relationship management across all customer touchpoints at a rate that your clients can forecast and budget for while maintaining confidence in SLA expectations.

By understanding the predetermined steps that customers follow throughout the stages of a purchasers lifecycle, clients are able apply emphasis on areas that affect the most influence on their CX and ultimately their bottom line. Through intelligent client CX profiling a customised, on-demand model offers a flexible approach to gear up or gear down CX efforts.

In doing so, concentrated efforts are employed to identified focus areas, specifically aimed at shaping powerful customer journeys - from the early stages of building brand awareness, familiarity and consideration, through active evaluation and the process of researching potential purchases, all the way to a final purchase decision and post purchase.