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The Future of Customer Experience

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BLOG (38)Although predicting the future of Customer Experience may only be a forecast of what we might come to expect as customer experience practitioners, tell-tale signs of the future movement of CX leave clues about the CX landscape in months and years to come. While many factors that set memorable Customer Experience apart from those experiences that are easily forgotten may intrinsically remain similar, there are a few evolutions to customer experience that may be predicted based on current customer behaviour. 




Future CX predictions might include;


  • Increase in internal organisational introspection, reciprocation and instilling a data centric mindset throughout the organization.
  •  Co-analysis of external and internal customer feedback, including customers directly involved in the CX lifecycle including internal customers made up of employees and internal stakeholders.
  • Circular review of the CX lifecycle and the continuous extraction of CX pain points and customer obstacles.
  • Active mining of contact center data and associated CX channels for direct and indirect (agent) CX feedback
  • Increased frequency of competitor analysis and industry best practice.
  • Increased need for social observation, engagement and participation in value added social conversations, and content creation. 
  • Video or virtual CX whereby customers are able to connect with brands and customer service agents by means of live online chats, video CX conferencing and video support.
  • Cross channel CRM tools allowing a single CX specialist to proceed through and track the full CX journey as the customer moves through the lifecycle.
  • Increase in the requirement for on demand CX solutions with specific emphasis on contact centre environments that allow for campaign based or seasonal CX dial up or dial downs.


As with many components in business today, the only certainty that can be predicted is the element of consistent change. Customer experience and the practice of applying excellence to the journey that a customer travels are as volatile and variable as the human beings participating in the CX lifecycle.