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The Landscape Of Customer Experience

Posted By: Yaron Assabi


Centric DSG Blog (1)Customer Experience has, in the last 10 years, had a major overhaul.  Brands have started putting resources and big budgets behind managing the customer experience, from the first interaction to the very last.

Today, customers perceive value based on their experience with a brand and the relationship established during each phase in the customer experience lifecycle. What used to be reserved as a front line function has now evolved into a holistic approach or business discipline that requires enterprise wide buy-in and commitment across all functions.

The customer experience landscape today, portrays a scene where the customer holds the centre stage of every strategy, through every function during the various states of any transaction. The customer centric paradigm has peeled away ineffective layers of past CX methodology and exposed the lifeblood of every enterprise interested in creating a sustainable marketplace while enjoying the organic by-product of lasting profitability.

Customer experience is exactly as its title describes: How the customer experiences your brand. Plainly put, CX articulates that the more time spent on getting to know exactly who your customers are, the greater the impression made.  Never before has a brand needed to exert as much effort into finding out as much about their customers as possible, until now. Customer profiling, customer journey mapping, customer lifecycle analysis and identifying customer personas all speak to the customer centric core that has become the embodiment of business today.

A customer base that represents authentic brand advocacy, word of mouth referrals and influencer backing echo’s the nature of customer centricity as each of these are a direct consequence of  a customer experience strategy that has placed the customer at the apex of business intent.

A personalised customer centric CX promotes confidence in a brand and the assurance that solving the customers need is core to business. Qualities that epitomise customer centric CX include:

Accessibility – a brand that is “open for business”, easy to locate and transact with, that offers uncomplicated product sets and consumer solutions geared to support a straightforward CX.

Perceptive and mindful – sincerity and empathy towards the customers experience communicates commitment and duty to offering tangible and effective solutions to customers angst.

VoC Responsiveness – Active engagement with the customer across all channels and touchpoints to both solicited and unsolicited customer feedback further illustrates a committed approach to customer centricity and CX

Omni-channel Approach – Through continuity and a consistent CX delivery across all channels through which customers may engage an omni-channel approach, ensures a seamless experience that supports all transactions that take place throughout the customer lifecycle.