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Top 5 Brands based on Consumer Satisfaction

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Which brands have performed best, improved, declined or remained stable when it comes to overall quality, customer expectations and perceived value? Just how does your favourite brand really fare in South Africa’s complex and highly competitive market? Brands across industries are comparable on customer satisfaction and the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) has established the best and worst brands.

The top five brands for 2015 include mostly brands from the restaurant industry. Wimpy (83.6) is the top SAcsi scoring brand for 2015 with Nando’s (83.0) and Chicken Licken (83.0) a close second. KFC (82.9) and Apple (82.7) round off the top five.

Wimpy (restaurants), Chicken Licken (fast food), Mugg &Bean (restaurants) and MTN (wireless internet) have shown the biggest improvement in the last year, thus making them the most improved customer satisfaction levels in South Africa.

The brands which showed the biggest drop in customer satisfaction levels are Pick & Pay (supermarkets), Caltex (petrol stations), Checkers (supermarkets) and Momentum Health (medical insurance).

The most improved industries since 2013 are restaurants (increased by 6.7 index points), wireless internet (+4.7 index points) and mobile handsets (+3.9 index points). The industries reporting the sharpest decline are supermarkets (declined by 4 index points), life insurance (-2.8 index points) and fuel stations (-2.4 index points). Industries which are reporting stable customer satisfaction scores are retail banks, cellular service providers and fixed line internet providers.

Overall satisfaction rises slightly

South African customers of household goods and services were slightly more satisfied in 2015 than in previous years across a number of industries, according to the South African Customer Satisfaction Survey (SAcsi). The 2015 national customer satisfaction index consolidates the results of research covering 21 industries and 118 brands measured during 2015 via a total sample of 51 000 respondents. The respective industries have been released separately over the course of the past year.

South Africa has scored a customer satisfaction score of 76 out of 100 - a statistically significant recovery from the initial decline between 2013 and 2014.

The score contrasts sharply with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which has declined consistently since 2013.

High customer satisfaction scores act as a buffer in tough economic times, when typically consumers shop around for more. Brands that stay close to their customers hedge their bets against lower buying intents and earn greater loyalty from customers during a downturn. The best advice for South African companies in these tough economic times is to stay close to your customers and provide exceptional value for money, which is the new battle ground for differentiation.


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