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Viral Marketing Tactics Do's and Don'ts

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BLOG (36)Depending on its nature, digital content may become viral as a result of a positive response to compelling content or a negative backlash to unsavoury content rejected by social communities.


As the metaphor suggests, viral marketing content can be best described as digital media that has the propensity to “infect” a social community or network based on its ability and appeal to be shared. The more viral the digital content, the greater degree of spontaneity it enlists, resulting in an unpredictable sweep of peer to peer exchange.


To follow are viral marketing do’s and don’ts to support a positive response to virally intended content;

Viral Do’s

Viral Don’ts

Keep content simple, quick, straightforward and easy to consume and share.

Convoluted, ambiguous content, slow to load and cumbersome to share.

Customer centric, personalised and customisable content enlists digital audiences to own and feel connected to the content.

If this then that sharing tactics whereby the content is shared in return for a payoff, voucher or kickback.

Evoke emotion through humour or heartfelt content that audiences can relate to and are compelled by.

Explicit sales tactics, traditional marketing, “but wait there’s more” meaningless manipulation.

Omni-channel friendly content.

Content may only be accessed by specific devices or particular channels.

Pre-flight / distribution previews to influencers, brand advocates on preferred social channels creates exclusivity and heightens social influence and overall vitality.

“Bought” content aggregators and false advocates.  Social media purists can see through shallow attempts at viral market distribution and will reject false attempts.

Be real, human, approachable and charismatic.

Obnoxious, hard sell sales pitches will be disregarded.