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What is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

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BLOG (32)Search engine optimisation also referred to as SEO is the process through which web content is applied with techniques aimed at influencing organic search results online. Plainly put, SEO is the optimisation of website content so that search engines are able to index a website and identify topic expertise, usability and relevancy to digital consumers. A website whose content has been produced with relevant SEO techniques will yield a more favourable SERP positioning and thus more commonly accessed by digital consumers.

SERP is an acronym for search engine results page and is described as the list of search results that a search engine returns after a user runs a keyword search online based on a website page rank.

Search engines gather and structure website data based on how easily “Spiders”, “Crawlers” or “Bot’s” are able to navigate through your website and categorise site information based on topic expertise and user experience. Spiders, Crawlers and Bots are essentially a varying algorithm, applying sometimes more than 200 variables in order to read, interpret and index website data.

Common Search engines include;

  • Google
  • Bing
  • YAhoo! Search
  • Ask
  • Aol Search

The purpose of a SEO Specialist is to interpret how each search engine gathers and categorises websites based on site content and apply relevant techniques in order to speak to as many and the more commonly used search engines. While Search Engine Optimisation is a technique that can be learned and applied, search engines will also take into account site usability and popularity of a website. The less complex a website is to navigate and solves the users UX expectations, will also influence the way search engines will rank a website.

Content indexed by search engines will also be influenced by how much value is added to the users overall experience. If content is optimised based on SEO expertise, but users do not find the content helpful or relevant will negatively impact SERP.

SEO should best be applied by combining technique with relevancy, credibility and topic expertise. By approaching SEO with an all-encompassing application, credible data, applied with White-hat SEO techniques will be more frequently accessed by end users while satisfying their need for relevancy and topic expertise.