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What Social Media Might Look Like in the Future

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BLOG (34)The adoption of Social Media and the evolution that has already advanced social networking makes predicting the future of Social Media a speculative process. Predictions of what the future of Social Media will be like and how it will impact consumers and organisations in time to come is shaped by calculated guesswork and the volatile needs of the individuals making up these networks.


It’s no surprise that future social media influence will continue to shorten the distance of international borders. It will further forge global communities; connected those separated by sea’s and harbour digital consumerism, forcing corporate organisations to be even more authentic, transparent and accessible 24/7.


The power of social media influence will remain formidable on domestic and international communication, further reducing the costs to connect online. As long as mobile devices are placed in the hands of those that don’t yet have keys to cars or houses, coupled with the digital revolution occurring through social media, purchase power is poised in the palm and pockets of the people.


With so many community driven developments, it’s difficult to imagine how much more progress can be made in the future landscapes of social media during the age of the digitally empowered.


To follow see a wish list of the future Social Media and what may come


  • Social Media theorists and specialist predict that it won’t be much longer until the total number of internet users connected by a social media network will hit the 2 Billion balloon.


  • A mastering of community prediction and social event forecasting through the advancement and sophistication of analytical tools, online reputation management and social media and search engine analytics.


  • Improved associations and the marrying of organisation to community or network based on a more accurate and completed collection of personal data profile information.


  • Multimedia content sharing will continue to increase as digital communities seek more swift and comprehensive ways to share their content.


  • The refinement of social communities and networks based on meaning and relationship. Before social media was numbers game with the more associations translating into “popularity”. The future will see the stripping away of bulk connections in pursuit of more meaningful digital connections.


  • As IoTs advance, the pursuit of a more seamless way to connect and share increases bringing about the adoption of live streaming or a continuous log of what is happening in your day to day life.


While the future of social media and its impact on society, organisations and consumers is mostly a mystery, outcomes and eventualities will continue to be shaped and persuaded by the individuals and communities making up each network.