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Yaron Assabi Appointed as Chairman of the Board for the MMA

Posted By: DSG


DSG’s Founder and digital innovator, Yaron Assabi, was recently appointed as Chairman of the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), South Africa.

The MMA is a world-leading non-profit trade organisation that is comprised of over 800 companies from 50 countries around the world. The consortium comprises of a variety of specialisations: Brand Marketing, Enabling Technologies, Agencies, Media Companies and more. The mission of the MMA is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement.

"This is an exciting time for mobile in South Africa, I am delighted to accept the appointment of Chair. Now is the time for the MMA to help support the growth of mobile as a media in South Africa." 

There should be an increasing importance and sense of urgency placed upon mobile in Southern Africa, as there is an ever-increasing portion of the population accessing the Internet via mobile phones.

Mobile offers endless opportunities for a more targeted 121 communications and marketing with the highest reach when compared to other media and most rich channel in terms of customer journey and insight.

The rise in the uptake of mobile applications and usage of smartphones opens new opportunities for mobile network operators, media buyers, marketers, and app developers to offer a personalised , contextual , rich media  and customer experience.

 Yaron’s appointment takes effect on 1 August 2015.