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The Evolution of Customer Experience

Customer Experience ranked as a top priority for many organisations. Until recently this comprised managed channels across voice, email, interactive voice response (IVR) and automated voice response (ASR). However the introduction, evolution and utilisation of social channels now require Customer Experience Centres embrace digital social engagement.

Consumers have extensive channel choice, with social media and social engagement leading as mobile prevalence and penetration continues to grow. Customer Experience Centres are now required to manage complex omni-channel environments including digital social engagement.

DSG, Customer Experience pioneers and innovators, offers On-Demand Customer Experience Management which encompasses omni-channel interaction management, digital social engagement, skilled resources and the required platforms to provide Brands with key insights and actionable intelligence.

Development of Customer Experience Channels

Voice Call
The Initial Call Centre Offering was voice telephone. The telephone-only call centres were, after a long period of voice, only followed by the addition of two extra mobile offerings.

SMS text/ Instant Messaging
With the advent of mobile phones and the ever growing popularity of all things mobile, an extra service was then needed by businesses wishing to connect with consumers on-the-go. With the advent of Social Media the offering is poised to expand yet again...

Social Media CX
In the current connected and omni-channel environment, online reputation management and customer care over social channels is becoming increasingly important. Social channels allow your customers to engage, learn and share information with your brand/business. By creating and managing your social media effectively with effective CX in place, you help build your brand as well as nurture great relationships with your customers, employees, investors and partners.

Online / Web Chat
Web Chat is a new offering from DSG OCX Solutions. At DSG, we have developed our own Web Chat solution that provides a simple yet highly effective way to engage a customer, whether they are looking for information, purchasing a product online or need assistance. Our Live Web Chat is a pop-up on screen that allows your customers to engage in real-time with a customer experience agent. Web Chat can be initiated by either the customer or be defined by your company rules.

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