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Driving the future of mobility, in partnership with Zendrive and their Mobility Risk Intelligence Platform, DSG embraces the new era of behaviour-based motor insurance enabling drivers to decrease their monthly vehicle premiums while empowering insurers to offer an enhanced value proposition.

Powered by Zendrive’s cutting-edge mobility risk intelligence platform and integrated by DSG, leveraging over 200 billion miles of driving data collected from millions of drivers across the globe, Zendrive’s Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform turns raw data into actionable mobility risk signals that aim to make roads safer with data and analytics.
What sets the MRI platform apart from other solutions?  
Zendrive Solutions
  • Data generated from multiple use cases and sources
  • Driver distribution aligned with the geographic distribution of drivers
  • Hundreds of SDK versions deployed on over 6,000 device types
  • The ability to understand and consider subtle changes in behaviours during different seasons.
  • Up to 95% accuracy with hundreds of thousands of collisions and non-collision events analysed.
  • Driving data from millions of drivers helps frequently update risk models and understand the specific route and location risk.


"Driven to position South Africa at the forefront of mobility innovation by partnering with the world’s largest and fastest-growing telematics data sets, Zendrive together with DSG empower vehicle insurance service providers to offer intuitive pricing models that improve insurers’ margins, while reducing customers’ costs."

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