DSG Takes Home Three Top Honors in the BPESA BPO CCMG 2017 Awards

DSG takes home three top honours in BPESA BPO CCMG 2017 Awards 

Digital Solutions Group (DSG), received three prestigious accolades at the 2017 BPESA BPO CCMG awards ceremony, hosted at Monte Casino on the 26th of August, namely; 1st Place in Best Technology Innovation, 1st Place for Best Use of Social Media in a Contact Center Environment and 2nd Place in Best Outsourced Contact Center (of medium size: 51-249 seats).

This year, the Contact Centre Management Group (CCMG) and the Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPeSA) collaborated to jointly host the only comprehensive industry Awards Gala of this kind in 2017. Combining their efforts enabled the organisations to not only host a bigger and better awards ceremony, but to also introduce new categories for award entries.

“We are exceptionally honoured by these accolades and proud of our achievements,” said the company’s CEO of CX Brandon Meszaros. With 19-years of experience, DSG offers an integrated 24/7/365 on-demand customer and digital experience that delivers a full suite of services, solutions and measurable results for the always-on world we live in today. The company’s continuous and substantial investment in enabling technology, and its unique approach across the management of people, process, technology, integration, governance and reporting, ensures that Customer Experience solutions delivered are effective and consistent across all channels. 

Yaron Assabi Group CEO and Founder indicated that in this era of digital disruption, service and effective Customer Experience remains a key differentiator for all brands. “Consistency of service across multiple on-demand channels can be challenging for any business to manage on their own, and the margins between success and failure are often slim. These accolades once again assure our clients that when they select DSG as their partner to achieve Customer Experience outcomes, they have made the right choice with and for their brand.” 

DSG believes that at the core of every Customer Experience strategy is the ability to improve customer retention, reduce the cost of service and improve revenue, all whilst leveraging digital enablement to enhance customer experiences. But, that this can no longer be viewed as a one-sided affair. In fact, today, a customer’s feedback is so much more impactful on a brand than it was even 10 years ago - with the advent of the internet and social media, which is a crucially important channel for the omni-channel customer.

“It’s our belief that a contact centre should not be seen as the place where customer engagement is dumped with the single view of saving costs,” Meszaros added. “Rather, the contact centre should be viewed as a Customer Experience enabling platform - one that should be used to build Customer Experience capability by having a well-designed strategy; with the right processes and where the right people are able to leverage on innovative, iterative and intuitive technology – including specially designed social media listening tool.”

“Customer designed journeys and processes underpin our approach, with the primary objective of delivering consistent, seamless experiences. And, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Integrated Customer Experiences. Our approach is a culmination of a well thought out strategy, the technologies that support and enable the strategy and service levels that keep a client’s customers to the core of everything we do,” concluded Meszaros.


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9/14/2017 12:00:00 AM