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Aspiring to become Africa's leading Mobile Virtual Services Enablement partner, MVNE aims to assist brands in effortlessly e incorporating the mobile value chain into their core business value proposition.

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Can you afford not to own a direct relationship with your Customers?

Established in 2013 with the intent to assist large consumer-facing brands in pursuing greater ownership of the mobile telecoms value chain to the broader benefit of their core business, MVNE is a critical stakeholder in our MVNO partners’ business.

Because Africa is a ‘Mobile-First’ Internet Economy, African Consumers are more likely to encounter a brand's digital presence on a mobile device than through any other medium. Incorporating a robust approach to mobile into a business strategy has therefore become key to all major African consumer-facing brands.

Improved Shareholder Value Realisation

A branded mobile service puts you in the hands of the customer, creating non-traditional revenue growth, margin protection and customer engagements benefits of owning the direct relationship with the customer.

Greater Customer Engagement

Providing your customers with the devices and contract or top-up packages further engages them with your business - often reducing churn or extending the customer relationship for your core business.

Drive Growth and Value in Your Core Business

Being able to offer personalized mobile services, leveraging the enhanced security aspects of SIM card ownership, and offering consumers a share of wallet savings in the form of rewards on the mobile spend can drive business value.

Improve your Customer Experience

Africa is a Mobile-First Economy. Owning your customer's primary channel of communication aids, you in your digital migration and allows for flexible, personalized services direct to the end consumer.