SoundPays is a technology company that specialises in transforming ultrasonic audio cues 
into tools for audience engagement across various platforms like stadiums, events, and media 
broadcasts. Their patented technology allows for secure, real-time fan engagement through 
mobile devices by utilising sound systems to produce inaudible cues. This engagement 
includes purchasing products, participating in light-shows, and interacting with sponsorships 
directly through the users' mobile apps.

Key features and benefits of SoundPays include:
Simplicity and Accessibility: The technology is built on existing physical 
infrastructures and does not require special hardware, making it widely accessible and 
easy to integrate.
Secure Transactions: Uses multiple layers of encryption and time-based, one-time 
passwords, providing a secure alternative to traditional digital payment methods.
Engagement and Revenue Opportunities: Allows media owners and advertisers to 
drive mobile revenues, engage with fans, and earn incremental sponsorship revenues 
through interactive experiences.
Innovation in Payment Systems: Integrates sound-based payment systems which are 
becoming a mainstream method, offering an alternative to NFC and QR codes, 
especially useful in environments like concerts or sporting events where noise is 
Extensive Reach: The technology can engage massive audiences simultaneously, 
turning every mobile device into a potential point of interaction.

SoundPays leverages its unique approach to bring innovative solutions to digital engagement, 
opening new avenues for interaction between content providers and their audiences.